An International Design Competition Winner

By March 26, 2006Manufacturing Institute

What’s innovation? How does it come about? We had a good look at innovation up front this week when the Wall Street Journal profiled LoggerHead Tool’s new Bionic Wrench. This product, from a small Illinois company, is a leap ahead of other wrenches because it doesn’t slip on fasteners that are worn around the edges. If you have ever tried to remove nuts and bolts that won’t budge, you can instantly see the value of this invention. What’s more, this tool is easy on the hands and also fits around 16 different sizes of nuts and bolts.

The design is so cool that the Bionic Wrench received a 2006 International Forum Design award (in Germany) and another from Popular Mechanics for its editors choice award. The creator, Dan Brown, said that part of his inspiration for the wrench was the shutter in a single lens reflex camera which opens and closes in a unique, concentrenic way. Mr. Brown’s wrench has US patent number 6,889,579 and is made domestically, unlike most hand tools which are now imported. The US remains the innovation capital of the world because of the Dan Brown’s of this country and because we have the manufacturing capacity to turn these great ideas into solutions for consumers and industry.

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  • Dan Brown says:


    Thanks for the kind words, and I appreciate your recognition. One of the goals of our business model is to demonstrate that real problem solving innovation will support a value added price allowing for domestic production. We are doing this because we believe this is a solid long term business decision for building our Brand, versus a short term take the easy money and run strategy.

    But the bottom line is that we, along with our strategic partners, must find a way to compete with the imported products head to head. Our strategy relies on many new ways of doing things, but we feel it is incumbent upon us to rise to the occasion versus blindly sending the majority of our manufacturing offshore.

    Thanks again for your support.

    Dan Brown
    LoggerHead Tools