Welcome Instapundit Viewers

By February 28, 2006General

In our usual scour of all things blogging today, we found out that we got a mention by Glen Reynolds of Instapundit.

For those of you who don’t know Glen, he’s considered the “Gold Standard” of blogging; a mention of your Web site by him often has what is commonly referred to as a “Insta-lanch” for deluge of traffic a mention can often bring.

Indeed, traffic has been through the roof these last few days. So, to our new found friends, just want to say, “Hi” and we hope you’ll come back often.

This is a blog dedicated to manufacturing and related issues, more or less. You probably came for the Lou Dobbs article, and you’ll find more like it on our Web site, www.DobbsWatch.com. Also, if you like cool things or watching how things are made, then you’ll love, www.CoolStuffbeingMade.com, our weekly trip to the factory floor that shows, well, how Cool Things Are Made. On most Wednesday we post a vintage manufacturing poster—you know, the kind of posters your grandma remembers that were printed during World War II, every Friday we do Friday Follies, a random collection of stuff. In between, you’ll find ruminations about energy, trade, unions, trial lawyers.

In any event, we’re glad you came by…hope to see you back here again real soon.