Washington Post: Reid Position on Asbestos ‘Reprehensible’

By February 10, 2006General

Great editorial entitled, “Forward on Asbestos” in today’s Washington Post, urging passage of the asbestos bill. Interesting how all the editorials (see the one from the NY Times earlier this week) feel a need to take a shot at Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). Here’s the Post’s slap:

Unfortunately, the bill’s critics are not always so reasonable. Sen. Harry M. Reid of Nevada, the Democratic minority leader, has complained, ‘One would have to search long and hard to find a bill in my opinion as bad as this.’ He has even described the legislation as the work of lobbyists hired by corporations to limit asbestos exposure. But the truth is that the bill’s main opponents are trial lawyers, who profit mightily from asbestos lawsuits and who constitute a powerful lobby in their own right. Mr. Specter and Mr. Leahy are in fact model resisters of special interests who have spent more than two years crafting legislation that serves the public interest. For Mr. Reid to demean this effort in order to fire off campaign sound bites is reprehensible.”


Recall that Reid first promised a filibuster this week that ended up in a 98-1 vote. You don’t get many votes that lopsided in the Senate these days. (And, Reid wasn’t even the one vote.) His last attempt at a filibuster — over the Alito nomination — at least garnered 20 votes or so. Things may be slipping away over there.

In any event, bravo to the Post (what the hell’s happening to us ?!?) and please drop your Senators a note to tell them that now you, the New York Times and the Washington Post are on the same side of the issue. This will likely never happen again in God’s lifetime.