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By February 28, 2006Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchA regular blog reader, knowing of our great affection for Lou Dobbs, dropped us a line last week to ask if we knew that globalization guru Tom Friedman called Lou “a blithering idiot” in a lecture at Yale Law School last week. Apparently, they knew someone who was in the room and heard it. Our interest, of course, was piqued and so we did a Google search and found nothing. Turns out, the session was not open to press.

Imagine our surprise upon receiving an-e-mail from this same blog reader over the weekend, who sent us this link to the February 23 lecture, posted in its entirety on the Yale Law School website.

Unfortunately we were not able to download and excerpt it, but we found the actual time sequence.

If you click on the video link and move the slider to the one-hour mark, you’ll see a student in a blue button-down shirt stand up and ask a question. In his question, he references Dobbs and asks about “the nativist spirit” and protectionism, asks about the way issues are presented, and whether this is all more about mindset than about policy.

Friedman, three time Pulitzer Prize winner and author of bestsellers “The Lexus and the Olive Tree” and more recently “The World is Flat” (which sold a million and a half copies, far more than Dobbs’ viewership — or ours, by the way), begins his answer. “One of the problems”, he begins, explaining that we need leaders who can explain the complexity, not who will just stir the pot, “is we have politicians that are making us stupid, who are throwing sand in our eyes.” But then he goes on:

“And then you have a blithering idiot like Lou Dobbs, in my view, who’s using the platform of CNN in…the frame of a news show. This is not news. And so we have a political class not making sense of the world for people and that’s why the public…is so agitated.”


We know that an hour long video may be too long to watch, but Friedman is at times downright spellbinding. “We can’t protect our way to prosperity”, he says (didn’t the President say that in the State of the Union Address…?), and launches into an explanation of the difference between the old model of lifetime employment vs. the new model of lifetime employability. “Education isn’t a place”, he says simply, “It’s a process.”

So while we were coaxed in by the Dobbs line, we stayed to watch it all because it’s so damned interesting. No two ways about it, though, his message is the anti-Dobbs, and is ultimately one of hope and optimism.

Once again, here’s the link to the site, where you’ll need to download the latest version of Quicktime, and here’s a link to the actual video.

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  • BR says:

    For those who think that Lou is against illegal and legal immigrants, there’s surprise in store for you. Lou Dobbs is NOT against illegal immigrants nor is he for the middle class. Because first of all, he is not middle class, and I dont think he has never been in that class to be unduly worried about the class. Secondly, by going with the rhetoric against guest worker program or work permits and a path to citizenship, he is actively and quite rigorously campaigning for the business and the corporate America. What smart Americans need to understand is that, as long as the status-quo is maintained for the illegals and long waits for permanent residency for the legals, American employers can be assured of bonded labor both in the name of legal (H1B et. al) and illegal immigrant workers. As long as the illegals remain illegal, and as long as the legals do not become permanent residents or citizens or are bound by the stringent H1B laws, they remain vulnerable to be exploited by the American employers by paying cheap salaries to the H1Bs and $2 or $3 per hour wages to the illegals. If the legals or the illegals raise their voice about their wages or status, the employers and the US Govt. shows them the stick of ‘deportation’. Whatever Lou Dobbs and the majority of Americans decide to do, they will never let go the luxury of having bonded slaves in the name of illegals and the legal H1Bs.

  • The trouble with giving out awards is that talking heads, albeit intelligent, get caught up in the egoistic glare of the public spotlight. They begin to believe that their opinion is the only viable and rational one and; therfore, sacrosanct. For Mr. Friedman to lash out at Lou Dobbs with an emotionally unrestrained descriptive shows a lack of self-control that is palatable. Too bad Tom has been so widely respected and quoted for it’s gone to his enlarged cranial cavity.
    Mr. Dobbs had my enduring respect for standing up against The Invasion from our south when many, many of his contemporary talking-head colleagues found courage lacking. My only regret about Lou is that he signed on with the CommunistNewsNetwork, but…alas, a buck is a buck!

  • dick says:

    wtf is tom freidman?

  • Ray Tapajna says:

    Explore the lost worlds in the Globalist Flat World of Free Trader Thomas Friedman at The book the World is Flat is a corker. The dictionary decribes a corker as someone who is a remarkable person, an argument that appears to be conclusive or a preposterous lie. The World is Flat appears to have all three in one.
    Lou Dobbs talks from the real world of the streets of USA while Friedman dabbles in his fantasies about a Global Economy that never was or never will be. Friedman reverses causes and effects and ignores the fact that workers have no voice in the process of Globalization.
    See also Lend Lease Act was real Free Trade and the Marshall Plan rebuilt local value added economies across the world based on the awesome industrial might that won World War 2. Who won World War 2? – The American Worker. Who lost World War 2? – The American Worker fifty years later.
    See and
    Let it be known that it was a Democrat President – Clinton and a Democrat controlled Congress that passed the unfair NAFTA and GATT trade agreements hand in hand with the Free Trader Republicans.
    Let also be known that the U.S. Federal Government first sponsored the moving of factories outside the USA starting in 1956. In 1992, more than 2000 factories were moved to Mexico. After the passage of NAFTA, the number doubled quickly to more than 4000. Still this did not help Mexico. President Clinton had to rush billions of dollars to Mexico to save the Peso soon after NAFTA was passed. Millions of Mexican workers migrated to the USA refusing to work for about a $1 an hour. Now the USA has an immigration problem and the factories are on the move again from Mexico to places like China.
    This is insanity and people like Friedman are evangelizing it even more.
    See also
    Free Trade has a long history of failures

  • Dan says:

    You open source and free trade advocates are just begging for a bloody revolution aren’t you?

  • Dan says:

    No worries, as it is a matter of time before all you open (free) traders, and advocates of selling out America will be victims of the chaos and upheavals (riots and ubiquitous, uncontrolled lawlessness) that will come as a result of the desperate measures of the victims by these measures. Don’t complain if your friends and family are killed by the riots.

  • Matt Middleton says:

    Its funny how confused politics get re economics. A pro-free trade Tom Friedman is referred to as a left-winger above while Lou Dobbs is implied to be right-wing? Lou Dobbs embodies the selfish incompetence of the Democratic party that seeks to keep Americans dumb and poor, because thats ultimately who votes for the Democrats. I’m not big on the republics either, but Lou Dobbs is more akin to a left-wing labor leader than a racist of a more rightist bent. I don’t care if he did go to Harvard, Lou Dobbs is wrong. His distaste for Mexicans and irrational view that the US is always the best at everything clouds his ability to make rational judgments about economics. You can bet that he didn’t learn the views he is espousing at Harvard. I guarantee you that the economics program at any respectable school in the US is pro-free trade. Anti-free traders are much like those against evolution, they have some stupid irrational “feeling” that precludes them from seeing obvious truth. Thank God most people don’t really even know who Lou Dobbs is, because if we took his advice, we’d start calling ourselves the proletariat in a few years and invite some zealous communist to come rule our country in a way that ensures we all have permanent manufacturing jobs. Actually, white collar people like myself and most of America would probably be killed, and perhaps that would be a better fate than living to see such a future.

  • Manuel Estrada says:

    I hate Lou Dobbs, the minute men, any congressman and any senator who is a racist and don’t know what it is like to an undocumented immigrant. The idiot Dobbs is not from Native American descent, so that must mean that his ancestors were immigrants, and I would venture to say that they din’t apply and waited for 5 to 10 years to get their legal paper. Make it easier for Mexican People, who are not criminals, to get legal paper to live here and to do the paperwork from Mexico, THEN you will see a decline in undocumented immigrants. I pray that Lou Dobbs will soon retire or be fired for being an idiot racist!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zaplov says:

    Lou Dobbs is the product of a child molested by illegal mexicans while growing up in his lonely horse controlled town somewhere up in the mountains.

  • steve zimmett says:

    I do not know much about your website but I think Lou Dobbs should run for President. Then maybe we would get something done in the White House and Congress.
    I listen to his show 2 or 3 times per week and find that if there is any truth still in the media, lou Dobbs says it all. Hurae for DOBBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Old Atlantic says:

    Lou Dobbs is not a nativist. The related URL goes to a set of articles defending Dobbs against the attacks from the Nation and others that he is. One of them, on Unpleasant Immigration Arithmetic, points out that one-way immigration eventually causes genetic survival ratios to asymptote to zero, not just for those here at one point, but every annual cohort of immigrants sees its gsr asymptote to zero. This can happen quickly. With a stable population of 300mm, and a lifetime of 75 years, 4mm die per year. If 2mm enter, that gives 2mm births.

    Take 2mm births/4mm deaths and one gets a genetic survival ratio per generation of 1/2. That is 25 years for these purposes. So in 100 years you are down to 1/16.

    Rational or adaptive expectations of future immigration lead young adults to have fewer children than replacement because it takes 25 years of economic security to plan children and there is a substitution effect out of those here to those who come here.

  • Bozzz74 says:

    Leaving corporate America to run a homebased business is the ideal situation for many people: There’s no boss breathing down your neck, no boring meetings to attend and no 45-minute drives in rush hour traffic. Working from home can be a rewarding experience, but it’s easy to forget the basic rules of running a successful business when it’s 10 hours of just you, your computer and the distractions of home. Read More…

  • Fred Sinclair says:

    I, too, googled “I hate Lou Dobbs”.

    It’s like I’ve stumbled upon a support group.

    I really do hate him.

  • Mr. Harts Buddy says:

    Major Hart, where are your parents from? I presume by your statements that you are of native american, as your parents were never immigrants. Cut your bullshit and stop trying to mask your racist hate. You are just another brainwashed soldier. . . Why dont you do some reasearch (may involve reading) and get your facts straight before you go on this childish rants. Lets take at your version of these “dirty mexicans”, they are called Good Ol’ American White Trash….Also, immigrants consists of more than just Mexicans, however you seem to only be concerned with people of MExican descent.

    Its always funny to me when people get their panties all wet when discussing “illegal immigration”. Where was this sense of truth and justice when YOUR PARENTS, Mr. Hart, where invading the REAL FOUNDING members of this country. I doubt there was any respect for the people who were here when your great great grand daddy and mommy arrived.

    Next time, get your facts straight before spitting out the ignorant rhetoric that has become all too common. Form an opinion with facts, and not just instinct as you were taught.

  • Dimple says:

    Dobbs is racist and ignorant. What was CNN thinking?

  • Armando says:

    Me too, I Googled “I hate Lou Dobbs” to see what I would find, and here I am. I agree with Ebony and Mike.

    Mr. Dobbs is pathetic; it is so fake and full of s*. “The guy that hates Mexicans” as Bill Maher put it one night at his program on HBO

    I am amazed how people find him patriotic? He is an IDIOT, please!

    Cheers to everybody good comments here.

  • mike says:

    I also came to this blog by googling “I HATE LOU DOBBS”. I am now watching the Friedman Yale speech which actually made this search worthwhile. Lou is a pompous, self-important windbag. So damned arrogant. The more money CNN pays him, the bigger his head inflates.

  • ebony says:

    I just knew that if i googled “I HATE LOU DOBBS” i would find some great sites.. My goodness, I have the hardest time not throwing things at my Tv when Lou is on it! ridiculous pathetic little man of no substance. racist, sexist, all around awful upper class american. he is the kind of person that makes other countries despise america and americans. how I loathe him!

  • MajorHart says:

    Lou Dobbs is not perfect but he is a real HERO for America. Those who employ illegal aliens should be deported to Mexico by force and their factories and businesses seized and sold. Someone mentioned closing the foreign plants and lamented “we can’t do that.” It’s really frustrating when all these people say we can’t and then don’t give any solid reasons why not. We revolted against the british – there were those who said we can’t then too. We can stop outsourcing, moving factories overseas and we can STOP the illegal alien invaders, and we can stop the “free” markets and we don’t have to compete with any other countries. We’ll call is USA survival, you call it protectionism or isolationism – like it was a dirty word.. It’s a great and good word. We will trade individually with other countries that have raw materials we need, and if we have more than enough for Americans – we might sell some overseas. Nothing critical to America will ever be sold to anyone – that includes oil. We will make the foreigners divest all holdings in American companies, real estate, fiancial and insurance markets – if we can stick our fingers in their eyes all over the world as bush is doing, we can sure do it for America. IF we need money to subsudize American companies – we’ll just take it from bush’s wars, which are about globalism anyway. Anyone who is for open borders should be deported to live in Mexico They won’t last long – I know – I spent 12 years in Arizona and 12 in California – we were chased by mexicans many times when just out jogging, we saw gang wars in pizza places – these people can’t contribute anything to our society but crime, drugs, welfare and prison costs, and loser John McCain says that there are 3 choices – keep immigration policy the way it is, give them anmesty or if we choose to deport them – cars will be lined up to the Canadian border. Well, American is just like your house when infested with Termites – will you do what’s necessary to clean them out and get rid of them – or will you give up your house just like you are giving up America. I’ve talked to over 300 and never met a jew who wasn’t for open borders – except in Israel. They don’t want them there, but they do want to trash America. Tom Friedman is an idiot, Paul Krugman is pretty good – Lou Dobbs is a great American Patriot – wrong some times when he says he is for legal immgration – which we can’t use anymore either, but mostly he is right, right right. IF you are for open borders – you are a traitor to the United States of America and it’s constitution and people. If you are for stopping the invasion, and protecting American jobs and way of life, you are a patriot Thanks


  • Mike says:

    Dobbs unfortunately is not forth right and honest, just today he claimed he was pro-immigration and that he is only against illegal immigration. This isn’t true, just the other day he was bashing high skilled immigrant workers, claiming falsely that they take away jobs from Americans, yet ignoring the fact that the employer must first attest to the Department of Labor that there is no American to take up the job and that the employer is similarly bound by law to pay a prevailing wage or higher but not lower. Instead he brings in organizations whose agenda is suspect, NumbersUSA and the Programmers Guild but never lets the other side tell its story, so much for fair and balanced! Without these same high skilled immigrants, there would be no Intel, Google, Sun Microsystems, E-Bay, Yahoo just to name a few. Dobbs lacks objectivity, misleads and never tells the story as it is.

  • Julie says:

    Dobbs is an actor who gives the economically illiterate a way to make sense of globalism.

    Even though I think he’s a joke, he provides a neccessary outlet for the failures in our country who might otherwise resort to violence.

  • Sam M says:

    if I don’t have a job, it doesn’t matter that I can buy a DVD player for 29.99 at Wal-Mart. I’ll give up the cheap foreign goods if it means I have a job to pay for my mortgage, food and insurance. If I lose my job as a programmer and end up working as a Wal-Mart greeter, I won’t be able to afford any of it.

  • r. Kimble says:

    When are the American people going to stage a march? Let’s mobilize 100 times the number they did. We sit by watching our country being overtaken by illegals and the people we elect are do-nothing sell-outs. Lets remember them in November and lets not forget Clinton and McCain in 2008 when they want our votes . Who wants them as our leaders?



  • Jon Swift says:

    I have long been baffled by Lou Dobbs’ claims and I think some of you might be interested in a review of his book Exporting America I have written for Amazon, which you can find here:

  • god fodder says:

    Goods produced overseas via “outsourcing” are cheaper than the same products domestically produced. This means they are more available to US comsumers. Isn’t this good? It is similar to the Walmart phenomenon. Which is “better”– a $70 doll produced in the US (that no one can afford), or the same doll for $8.95 but made in China?

    You can’t just focus on the downside of outsourcing without looking at the upside.

  • Steven says:

    A supporter of free trade, i.e., capitalism, being called “left wing”–also known as anti-globalization fanatics, trade deficit alarmists, etc.–now thar’s a spin for ya.

    Anti-open immigration, protectionism, etc. have, historically, heralded the decline of great nations that, in the modern era, also were headed toward socialism.

    It ain’t about hoarding (mercantilism), it’s about ownership and private property rights; it ain’t who produces what & how much (Keynesianism), it’s about how efficiently one can produce what–and whether the government will get the hell out of the way (by eliminating both regulations and state control of the monetary system) and let ’em produce and profit from it.

    Xenophobia and protectionism go hand-in-hand with socialism.

    So much for Dobbs.

  • Capitalist Pig says:

    Look, Friedman may be annoying and pompous but on this issue all he is saying is that companies should not be demonized because they outsoure jobs overseas or set up plants overseas. That’s the economy we live in. Should we tell all those Toyota plants and dealerships in the U.S. that employ thousands of Americans to beat it out of here? If we want to play fair and compete, those are the rules. The alternative is to put up all kinds of protectionist measures and tarrifs that protect isolated jobs and industries at the overall expense of the American economy and consumer, not to mention the world economy.

  • Leonidas says:

    Tom Friedman looks like a 2-bit mariachi. I bet he doesn’t even speak Spanish. As they say in Texas: big hat, no cattle.

    Tom’s upset that someone (in this case Lou Dobbs) is speaking openly and publicly about the flood of illegal cheap labor, the growing de-industrialization of the country, and the craven kow-towing of our leaders to dangerous foreign powers. These trends constitute long-term mayhem in exchange for short-term economic perks.

    Tom’s stuck in the ’70’s, thinking that the internationalist elite are the only ones with the right to have a say on anything. Tom, welcome to the 21st century; you’re not the only one with a soap box anymore.

    Tom should stick to his silly, vainglorious efforts to broker a peace deal between the Arabs living in Palestine and the Israelis.

  • Paul Coyle says:

    Little Tommy Friedman, always first to raise his hands in class and polishes the teachers apple. If Tom and his writings are the product of a grand education, glad I missed one. His writings are so vague as to be useless. Read him long enough; say half a year, and he finger-paints a reality picture 180 from his previous. Hubris is his middle name.

    As far as outsourcing it has been grand for the untouched educated elites, who get goods cheap, are able to move quickly because their farm/factory resides in their mind and who are pretty rootless to any particular town. For those non welfare working and middle class, tied to a non influential skills, factories or farms, and major invested in a dieing area, the people who fight wars that the elites don’t even know anybody who serves, well it a sharp stick in the neck. But hey, they’re under mench. Screw’em.

  • Ursus says:

    Tom is a blithering idiot in his own right… but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong about Lou.

    Dobbs is a populist hack, like O’Reilly, but worse.

  • James says:

    What is wrong with an MA in Middle Eastern Studies? The guy spent 10 years reporting from the Middle East. He goes on Arab TV shows and does interviews, in Arabic. He has won 3 Pulitzer prizes. Whether you agree with his views or not, the guy knows what he is talking about.

  • anonymous says:

    “…we have politicians that are making us stupid, who are throwing sand in our eyes.”

    How well this describes the knee jerk opposition to one political party by another – where arguments in debates are contrived for political purposes rather than logic or truth.

  • 100 Percent Liberal says:

    I like Dobbs I find him rational and brings an actual rational point of view. Freidman is no damn “lefty”. Maybe on some issues but that fool could give michael savage a run for his money on the depth in which his head resides in his arse..

  • reliapundit says:

    friedman and dobbs are each right 50% of the time on oppostie issues.
    friedman is right on gloablization and the ports deal.
    dobbs is right on borders.

    the ony thing that bothers me about dobbs – that’s truly dishonest – is that they dress up the show as “news” when it has really become a commentary show like o’reilly.

    if they put dibbs on at 10pm (with larry king as the lead-in) and produce it as a striaght opinion shjow with interviews he’d kick ass.

    i wouldn’t agree with him any more than i do now, but at least the presentation would be honest.

    friedman has been way to leftie/dovey on the gwot.
    i will never forgive him for carrying water for the saudi’s on that whole bogus “arab peace deal.”

  • TLB says:

    Since Lou Dobbs is alerting America to the extraordinarily pernicious threat of illegal immigration, it’s understandable that all those who profit from illegal immigration would be anti-Dobbs.

  • Skeptigal says:

    The problem with Dobbs is not so much the “idiot”, it’s the “blithering”. He’s so fricking emotional I can barely stand to watch him, which I’ve been doing because a relative keeps talking about him, she says “I worship Lou Dobbs!”

    He looks like he’s about to stoke out, he says the same thing over and over, and he’s never calm and reasoned. I don’t care when his degree is, and he may be smart as a whip, but, dude, please, leave the hysterics in the dressing room when you go on TV to do a serious news show.

  • ImperialistCrusader says:

    Thomas Friedman is about as relevant as Maureen Dowd…

  • I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone, in their personal life, is simultaneously a conservative and a liberal, a loyal supporter of local businesses and a callous outsourcer. It all depends where they perceive their economic benefit. People and businesses will invariably go with what they consider to be the best balance of quality and cost.

    To be sure, buying locally has benefits that come back to me. I have a small custom embroidery business (see the url). I prefer to buy my hardware and related goods at a family owned store nearby instead of Home Depot or Lowes. I’m a one-man shop and don’t have a prayer of selling any logo apparel to a big box store’s corporate managers, but I do have a chance of selling stuff to the locally owned and managed store. Like everyone, however, if the difference in price is significant enough, I’ll go to the big box store.

    I’m hedging my bets. I offer a customized service that really can’t be provided efficiently offshore (for now), and I’m setting up a family of web sites that provide international automotive news to the English speaking markets.

  • Exguru says:

    Tom Friedman did a big flip-flop on Iraq about the time of the last election there, and for my money he is a survivor. He has mastered the fine art of CYA in NYTimes columns–not easy. Tom is almost fully hedged on Iraq now, and can almost say he called it if Dubya should be addressing a madly cheering Iraqi parliament in Baghdad next summer. These MSM guys are really pretty clever–and pretty slimy. All of them.

  • Carolynn says:

    I build websites, write and code .html emails, do banners, and occasionally print. People have always asked me if I’m worried about all the Indian designers who are willing to work for peanuts.

    My answer? No! The Indians who are really good don’t undercharge me by much — and they can’t make sure client’s copy is appropriate or offer help on business strategies–and they don’t have my understanding of American culture.

    Anyway, I’m glad I have the competition–it forces me to be better at what I do, to work harder, and to stay smarter.

    If it ever gets to the point where all the work goes to India I’ll either change what I do, or move someplace cheaper and outsource myself!

  • sbw says:

    These comments fail to contradict Friedman’s thrust that Dobbs’ oversimplifications fail to add clarity or insight to issues, which, after all, is what a journalist is supposed to do — to provide a useful understanding. You don’t need a PhD to see that. You need to read. And the more you read, the more Dobbs comes up short on substance and long on posturing. He’s Anderson Cooper with a double chin. Emotion isn’t news. It’s theater. Irate isn’t news. It’s being unhinged.

    Second observation: Why is it that commenters don’t understand what logical fallacies are? They use them all the time, wasting bandwidth.

  • Ronald Brown says:

    As a fan of neither–depending on the subject and the viewpoint, in this case I will go with Tom. Lou has concerned me for about one year. I did not know he was an econ. major, but am suprrised because he is as blind on that subject as Bill O’Reilly–and, again, there are issues where I fully agree with any of the three. However, ad hominem declarations are not helpful if one truly wants to understand through critical thinking.

  • NewSisyphus says:

    I don’t have a dog in this particular fight, but I will say this: any man, like Friedman, who can sit in front of a Saudi “prince” while he explains his peace proposal for Israel and take it seriously is, by definition, a blithering idiot.

  • Mac says:

    Being called a ?blithering idiot? by Tom Friedman is the functional equivalent of being called ?ugly? by a toad.

    I guess if name-calling and vitriol now stand as legitimate journalistic tools then I can feel to indulge a little myself.

    Tom Friedman is the buck-toothed moron who took a Discovery Channel crew to India to sell us all on the idea of how good it?s going to be when they ship every valuable American Ideal over there wholesale.

    The reason that left-wing lunatics like Friedman (and others ? you know who you are you cheeky little NAM monkeys you) have to stoop to name calling and hate-speech when they talk about Lou Dobbs is because they are incensed by the idea that someone would have the unmitigated gall to stand up and call the horrible and unpatriotic sell-out of the American Dream exactly that ? Un-American and Un-Patriotic.

    Tough. You want to sell America out to foreign governments fine, but you can?t be surprised when someone points out the obvious.

    Friedman?s BA is in ?Mediterranean Studies? ROTFL. With a Masters in ?Middle Eastern Studies?. Not quite the economic mental giant he?d like everyone to believe he is ? and more than a little telling on where his true ideological biases lie.

    Dobb?s Master is in ECONOMICS. From HARVARD.

    Here?s another hot-tip for you.

    All four men carved into the face of Mount Rushmore weren?t okay with the sell-out either. Nor were the Founding Fathers.

    Call Dobbs ?Fat Bastard? or a ?blithering idiot? or a ?terrorist? all you want.

    He?s dead-on the money ? and THAT?S why you?re so scared you?re down to sophomoric name-calling instead of debating him on the ideology.

  • John Lovell says:

    totally disagree. Lou Dobbs is a true American patriot. He is one of the very few pundits out there who it can be said is absolutely “made in the USA”. Those who demonize Lou Dobbs are in the rich tradition of the original free traitor, Benedict Arnold.

  • john gross says:

    Couldn’t agree more re Dobbs. I’ve longed believed we should “export Dobbs to some overseas cheap-labour country”.