The Week Ahead: Union Stuff

By February 27, 2006Labor Unions

We’ve been invited to the Labor Department to hear about the new union financial disclosure requirements and website. We likely will not be blogging live from there, but we will be posting a full report either later today or first thing tomorrow morning, to fill you in on where you can get the latest information on the spending habits of various unions. We learned last week, incidentally, that the SEIU spends some 65% of its budget on organizing. That’s incredible. We heard that the nearest union to them is spending in single digits, like 7%. The rest is going down the political rathole. We hope to be able to shed some more light on that later today. This would also explain why the SEIU is growing while the others are shrinking.

Also, the NEA is expected to announce an affiliation with the sinking ship that is the AFL-CIO. Not sure what that’s about but will have some observations on that this week as well. Like we said, a busy week. Stay tuned.