The Week Ahead: Asbestos

By February 21, 2006General

No, you’re not reading an old post — this is a new one, just looks the same. You may recall that we battled valiantly — thanks to many of you — on asbestos last week, trying desperately to get money to sick people, not to healthy folks or trial lawyers. There was a “budget point of order” (there are an infinite number of ways to slow things down in the Senate), which passed by one vote. We expect it may come up again next week (when Sen. Specter says he’s going to get something done, he usually does) and hope it might pass this time. it is very important for you to click here and weigh in with your Senators and tell them not to slow this train down any further, but to let it go to an up or down vote. Let’s keep the asbestos legislation moving forward, let’s do something for the victims, place their interests over the trial lawyers for once. This is going to be funded by defendant companies, not the government. If the fund runs out — which is highly unlikely — it would all go back to federal court. No federal money involved, even the Congressional Budget Office says it’s budget neutral.

Let’s get on with it.

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  • Pat Cleary says:


    You’re right — I must’ve dozed off. Thanks for writing.


  • Ron Reisman says:


    I doubt there’ll be a vote this week, since the Senate is in recess until Monday, Feb. 27. Even so, it’s still good to keep on top of our Senators on this issue.