The President Makes the Pitch for Nuclear Energy

By February 19, 2006Energy

In the President’s Weekly Radio address yesterday, he made the pitch for his Advanced Energy Initiative, which includes plans to encourage the use of safe, clean and efficient nuclear energy. The so-called ‘green” economy of France gets over 80% of their power from nuclear. The Chinese will be building 20 nuclear plants over the next decade. It is indeed safe and clean, but the enviros once again have almost completely stopped the growth of nuclear. We’ve not begun construction on a nuclear facility in this country since the 70’s. All the while, demand increases. Areas of the US with reliable nuclear power pay much less for their energy than those areas that are dependent on other sources. The enviros pushed us into natural gas, only then to put a choke hold on the largest supply of it that we have, in the Outer Continental Shelf.

So bravo to the President for pushing nuclear power. We need to speed the permitting process and be about the business of once again trying to provide reliable and affordable energy to America’s manufacturers and homes. Heck, even some former Greenpeace folks have now gotten the bug and support nuclear. It’s definitely time. Let’s hope the President’s initiative will provide new incentive for this much-needed fuel supply.

Here’s a link to the text of the President’s address and here’s a link to the audio.