The President and Energy

By February 22, 2006Energy

Talk about walking the walk…

The President has been barnstorming the country this week on the energy theme, making good on his State of the Union promise to make the US less dependent on foreign sources of energy. He was at NAM member Johnson Controls on Monday talking about efficiency and innovation, was in Michigan that same day on solar technology and yesterday went to the National Renewable Energy Lab in Colorado to talk about new sources of energy.

We have said many times that America’s manufacturers are at the forefront of energy conservation and that we are inventing all the new technology and new sources. However, conservation and efficiency and increasing domestic supply are not mutually exclusive. it will take time to develop new technologies and America’s manufacturers are hard at work on that front. In the meantime, there is a reserve of oil in ANWR that would have an output equal to that of Texas on-shore. We have a reserve of natural gas in the Outer Continental Shelf that would dramatically bring down the cost of natural gas. Why on earth wouldn’t we tap these while we’re developing new technologies?

We’re glad the President is highlighting this issue. It’s one of paramount importance to al US manufacturers. If you get a chance, drop your representatives a note, letting them know what’s happened to your energy prices and urging them to do something about unleashing our own resources.