The Future Success of Small and Medium Manufacturers

By February 23, 2006Taking It for Granted

Blog-Icon-MI.jpgToday we are releasing at press conference at NAM headquarters a new report about the role of small and medium manufacturers in the economy. It’s an update and expansion of the first such report we did five years ago. The booklet,The Future Success of Small and Medium Manufacturers, gives any reader a great insight into today’s smaller manufacturers who are often taken for granted. It focuses on both the internal and external challenges they face and describes a number of policy options that will help shape a stronger future for this sector. For those who want to know what makes today’s manufacturing tick, it is a good source of data on their role in the economy. But this is not just a statistical handbook. We interviewed more than a dozen small and medium manufacturers about what it is like to manage in today’s global economy and their comments are peppered throughout the booklet. This is an NAMManufacturing Institute publication, made possible by a generous grant from RSM McGladrey in Bloomington, Minnesota. Comments welcome.