Superbowl XL: Quenching Players’ Thirst

By February 3, 2006General

superbowl.jpgDehydration is a serious problem among athletes in high endurance sports. Perspiration results in a loss of electrolytes and prior to 1967, not much was available in the way of a healthy replacement-until Gatorade came on the field. Gatorade is manufactured by Minneapolis, Minn.-based Pepsi, the official soft drink of the NFL.

Gatorade dates back to the early 1960s when an assistant coach for the Florida Gators, Dwayne Douglas, teamed up with Dr. Dana Shires and Dr. Robert Cade to find a nourishing drink that would help his players avoid dehydration during games. The decision was to mix up a drink rich in electrolytes and carbohydrates that would replace the sodium, potassium and chloride lost during exercise. Sure enough, the team performed better and the drink now dominates its market.

Tune in tomorrow for our third installment of how manufacturers impact the Superbowl