Superbowl XL: It’s Getting Dark Out There

By February 4, 2006General

superbowl.jpgFor outdoor stadium lighting, look to Oskaloosa, Iowa-based Musco Sports Lighting, Inc. Since 1976, it has specialized in the design and manufacturing of systems for lighting recreation and athletic fields. ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, Fox Sports and others have relied on Musco to provide quality lighting to meet their special needs, including the worldwide television broadcasts of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, the 1999 Pan Am Games and five Super Bowls.
The company has been an innovator, as in 1999 when it developed a system that allows facility managers to control, monitor and manage their systems remotely using the Internet. Their lighting technology has even garnered Emmy and Academy Awards for their work in the film industry.

Musco, like most U.S. manufacturers, gives back to their community. Musco’s CEO, Joe Crookham, is on the board of the National Park Service Foundation and his company donated the lighting needed to light the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.

Tune in tomorrow, Superbowl Sunday, for our final installment of how manufacturers impact the Superbowl