Superbowl XL: It’s All About the Trophy

By February 5, 2006General

superbowl.jpgAnd finally, after it’s all said and done, one team will be declared winner of Super Bowl XL and for that we turn to the manufacturer of the Vince Lombardi trophy, Tiffany & Co., of New York.

The company was founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young as a stationary and fancy goods emporium. Its first store on 259 Broadway in New York City made headlines instantly because all items were marked with a non-negotiable selling price. Total sales on the first day were $4.98. Today, Tiffany & Co. has more than 100 stores and boutiques that serve customers in the United States and international markets with sales last year topping off at $2 billion dollars with 6,000 employees.

The NAM wishes the best of luck to both teams vying for the National Football Championship this year.