Submit Friday Follies, Win Valuable Prizes

By February 24, 2006Friday Follies

Do you have any items that might be suitable for Friday Follies? If so, drop us an e-mail and send ’em along. We’re always looking for jokes, videos, wacky websites, you name it. You could win a million dollars, an all-expense-paid trip for two to anywhere in the world or, more likely, an autographed picture of the Blogger-in-Chief. If that’s not enough to shake you out of your slumber we don’t know what is.

So send us whatever you’ve got, let us know whether you want us to acknowledge you or want to remain anonymous. Help spread mirth and merriment, come get your five minutes of fame in the blogosphere.

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  • Blogger's Apprentice says:

    Do I get an autographed picture if I submit things?

    AND…can I have an autograph of Herb Cohen instead?