Report from America: The Copper Club, New York City

By February 18, 2006Report from America

Report from America“Listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere….”

With that line from Longfellow’s famous poem, Revere Copper President Brian O’Shaughnessy opened his speech on Thursday in New York, accepting the Ankh Award, the Copper Club’s Man of the Year Award. In his speech, he wove together the stories of Revere, who founded the company in 1801 (Paul Revere, a sixth generation direct descendant, a lawyer who does work for the company was in the audience) and his family’s history as immigrants from Ireland to Canada and ultimately to the US. He talked about his own, uh, colorful education — including stops at Notre Dame and USC (the latter during the OJ years) and his eventual apprenticeship in the copper industry, ultimately heading a buyout of Revere and taking over as CEO a number of years ago. It was a great tale – told a s only Brian could tell it — complete with audio and video.It was a great night, and the Copper Club is a group with a long history.

Congratulations to Brain O’Shaughnessy on this great award. We Americans, who consume about 18 pounds per capita of copper a year in its various forms, appreciate all he and other manufacturers are doing to continue to be the best and most innovative manufacturers in the world. We were glad we could have been there to share this special night with him, his family and his many friends.