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By February 1, 2006General

From very late last night, some members came by and gave their reaction to the President’s State of the Union speech:

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25): The President showed once again he is not willing to back away from a fight. On mandatory spending reform, immigration, he shows this time and again. Not scared to take on controversial issues. Every time you fill up your car, you remember government. This is an issue that resonates with every American. Its not going to get better until we address it. There needs to be a long-term solution with short-term parts to it, including nuclear, ethanol, etc. This issue “hits home.” Every time my constituents fill up their gas tank, it reminds them of the issue, it hits their paycheck. Regarding the line item veto — “would love to see it. We have it in Florida, and it works.”

Rep. Tiahrt (KS-4): It was important to hear the President talking about changing the environment on earmarking and lobbying reform. About competitiveness, the President can see the day when a kid would rather play a video game that they designed rather than one somebody else designed. My office has been very active on this issue, much of our work is reflected in the President’s plan.

Rep. Reynolds (NY-26): Democrats applauded on Social Security, but President said we need to work together on the solution. There’s a challenge coming from the Wite House to Congress on a bipartisan solution to Social Security. The President did a good job of crystallizing the message of what we need to do on the competitiveness agenda.

Rep. Pearce (NM-2): You want your leaders to anticipate the future so you can make changes now to effect things. That’s what the President did. We don’t have anyone coming to work that has the skills we need. The President’s message was one for the entire nation. On lobbying reform, we must be able to reach across the aisle and use the talents of both parties. Democrats are not the enemy. I was particularly proud of the President on this issue tonight. I agree with the President that we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and I represent an oil-producing region.

Soaring prices will have long-term harmful effects on our economy. Our job base is very much at risk because of the price of natural gas. We need some short-term solutions. Must have relief at the pump today as well as long term planning on energy prices.

Rep. Cannon (UT-3): Energy development is a big issue in my district. Reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel is a big issue. We’re making progress there. The President has the right idea on nuclear.

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  • Croaky says:

    Earmark reform is the only domestic initiative that will actually happen this year. There were a lot of great ideas, particularly about alternative energy sources, but there was no urgency there. They were political statements meant to build support for himself and his party, not actual programs. We needed to hear something like the Appolo Alliance. The President was talking 2025, but high gas prices will cripple us long before then. His real energy plan involves using the military in the Middle East, but does nothing to help growing problems with our relationships with other major oil producing nations such as Venezuela and Russia.