Paul Harvey & Manufacturing

By February 22, 2006General

Not sure if any of you caught Paul Harvey’s commentary yesterday. A sharp-eared blog reader called our attention to it. Here’s link to his show where he points out (at about the 2:22 mark) that 40% of all employers are “understaffed” (we’ve been saying this for a long time), and notes at about the 4:00 mark that in dollar value, the US is manufacturing more goods than ever. We continue to be the largest manufacturer in the world, although not everyone realizes that, apparently. We hope a certain CNN demagogue/commentator was listening to Paul Harvey yesterday and takes heed….

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  • Pat Cleary says:


    Fair enough, but we’ll take our friends wherever we can find ’em….

    Thanks for writing.

    Pat Cleary

  • Ken S. says:

    We all like to hear good things about our field, but Paul Harvey is unlikely to be a good ambassador for us. Paul Harvey is well past his prime and is just as likely to make a report about the deadly Poly Vinyl Cloride (PVC) found in childrens toys as he is to make positive comments about manufacturing. He is a folklorist, and not one I would emulate.

    John Stossel on the other hand…