Not Another Shameless Marketing Pitch

By February 10, 2006General

You may recall a few weeks ago that we praised the Washington Post for an article about the need to hire more veterans.

In the article we also mentioned that we’re gearing up to hold a seminar on the web (a webinar) on how you too can find and hire skilled workers.

Well, the time has come for our Webinar. This Tuesday, February 14, why not show the love for a Veteran by attending this free Webinar on finding skilled workers?

We all know that is a major concern for manufacturers.

So, why not learn how to do something about it? Why not find learn how to access the veteran database of over 100,000 job applicants?

Again, this isn’t a shameless marketing pitch (at least we don’t think so). Its more of a pitch to tell you how we can remain competitive in America by attracting skilled workers.

Click here for the flyer to learn more and click here to register.