Margarita Lovers, Rejoice!

By February 11, 2006Trade

We recently heard that the United States and Mexico reached an agreement that will allow U.S. imports of tequila from Mexico to continue unimpeded. Many margarita fanciers were unaware that the supply of tequila was under threat, but such was the case. Mexico had taken a position that tequila could no longer be shipped in bulk to the United States, which is how 3/4 of the liquid arrives in this country. The new Mexican regulation would have required all tequila to be bottled in Mexico, which would have threatened existing U.S. bottling plants and left margarita fans searching in vain from bar to bar. However, under the agreement reached this month, the threat is lifted and the supply will continue. While sipping your margarita you may want to read the entire USTR press release.

Searchin’ for my lost shaker of salt…

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