‘Justice for Asbestos Victims’

By February 8, 2006General

Under that heading there was a great editorial (did we just say that?) in the New York Times yesterday, advocating passage of the asbestos bill. We always say that when we agree with the Washington Post, it spells the end of the world. If we start agreeing with the Times what’s that — the rapture? Dunno.

In any event, here’s the link to the editorial. Noting Senate Minority leader Reid’s (D-NV) threats to filibuster, the Times says :

“We can’t imagine what Mr. Reid is trying to achieve, other than showing fealty to the trial lawyers who have been so generous to his party.”

Ouch! This is from the New York Times?!? They go on to say finally about the bill :

“It would be a vast improvement over the present method of dealing with the claims of asbestos victims, which is to clog the courts and bankrupt companies while still depriving many victims a measure of Justice.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Head for the hills, the end is near.

But before you go, drop a note to your Senators and tell them that you and the New York Times are on the same side of an issue — and it’ll likely never happen again — so it must be the right thing to do.