How Competitive Is Your State?

By February 20, 2006General

We are in a global competition for jobs here in the US, there’s no doubt about that, and we keep emphasizing in all that we do that it’s important to create a climate in this country that allows manufacturing to survive and prosper. That’s done through a healthy tax, regulatory and legal climate, among others. Well, the 50 states are also in competition with one another. Some are losing jobs while some are gaining. Ever wonder why that is? Some provide a healthier climate for business than others, it’s that simple.

Do you know where your state ranks on things such as business climate, tax burden, education and other indicia? Our Competitiveness Redbook is an absolute treasure trove of information on this stuff. Under the theory that what you measure improves, you should send copies of this little book to every one of your state legislators, as one of our small manufacturers did in Illinois. Another of our small manufacturer board members (who’s from a state ranked pretty well in terms of business climate) sent it to his state’s economic development chief, complaining that they were only 4th and not first in some key areas.

Here’s a link that’ll show you the table of contents and a few sample pages. There are 48 criteria in all, which you can examine in the table of contents. There’s also an order form, or you can order it on line at this link. You’ll see why the 2005 version of this book last year became somewhat of a best seller. The numbers don’t lie, and they will help you do the work you need to be doing with your state legislators and Governors. It’s a powerful little book. We hope you’ll pick up a copy. If you do, in all likelihood you’ll end up coming back for a few more copies to share with colleagues and policy makers.

Hmmmm…. lessee… wonder which state ranks first in cost of doing business….? Exports per capita? Tax burden….? Trust us, this’ll be the best ten bucks you ever spent.