Happy President’s Day!

Just wanted to wish you a Happy President’s Day. For many who work in Washington, today is a Federal Holiday–as it should be–its appropriate to honor those that made our country great.

Having the day off, though doesn’t stop us from finding someway to tie in manufacturing on this important day (this being a manufacturer’s blog, of course!).

We just finished reading Founding Brothers, by Joseph J. Ellis. You may be interested to note that even in a primarily agrarian economy, as the young nation was in 1776, the founding fathers recognized the importance of manufacturing.

In Ellis’ book, he discusses the final years of George Washington’s presidency and notes that Washington’s eighth and final message to Congress urged them to promote domestic manufacturing.

Here is the excerpt from Washington’s Speech:

Congress have repeatedly, and not without success, directed their attention to the encouragement of manufactures. The object is of too much consequence not to insure a continuance of their efforts in every way which shall appear eligible. As a general rule, manufactures on public account are inexpedient; but where the state of things in a country leaves little hope that certain branches of manufacture will for a great length of time obtain, when these are of a nature essential to the furnishing and equipping of the public force in time of war, are not establishments for procuring them on public account to the extent of the ordinary demand for the public service recommended by strong considerations of national policy as an exception to the general rule?

Amazing, eh? Just a reminder that manufacturing has deep roots here in America; beginning in 1607 in Jamestown.

Happy President’s Day.

PS: We are currently reading Lincoln on Leadership and searching for quotes by Lincoln about manufacturing. We know there’s tones of stuff out there in The Federalist, click on the “comments” button to let us know your favorite quote about manufacturing.