Fun Fact #1: US Still First in Global Manufacturing

By February 10, 2006Dobbs Watch

A while ago we wrote to rebut Lou Dobbs’ twisted view of the state of the union. We pretty much got it all out of our system except to correct one very important fact. He was alleging that China was now the world leader in manufacturing. Not true, but that doesn’t mean folks don’t believe it.

Here’s the truth: the US is the largest manufacturer in the world and accounts for nearly a quarter of global manufacturing output. This makes the US manufacturing sector over two and a half times bigger than China’s manufacturing sector. No doubt about it, they are growing, but the early obits for US manufacturing are, well, premature. We continue to be the largest manufacturer in the world and we continue to be the best manufacturers in the world.

Hope that clears it up.

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  • Bryan Dorrough says:

    Re: martin wolf’s query: In the meantime please enjoy the song stylings of The Crickets!

  • You guys have to post more on Lou Dobbs, I love it! Finally someone that shares my pain of watching Dobbs go over the same thing again and again. His lack of basic understanding of economics is confusing considering he went to Harvard.

    Course it makes little sense for you guys to post something everyday, but Lou is such an idiot and is spreading so much false information.

    Keep up the good work!

  • martin wolf says:

    Does NAM have current as well as time-series data that show the U.S. share of global manufacturing vs. the share of other nations?

  • Mike Kahne says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a construction electrician. The only material we constantly use that is made in America is conduit and sometimes copper wire.