Friday Follies: The Good Wife’s Guide — Two Versions

By February 10, 2006Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgThis is one of those e-mails that periodically makes the rounds on the Internet and it caught up to us again a little while ago in the regular e-bag of mail we get from our two blog readers with Friday Follies suggestions. Virtually all carry “R” ratings or worse, not exactly appropriate for a family blog like this. After all, the kids come watch the videos on Saturday.

This one you may have seen, but it’s priceless, the “Good Wife’s Guide“, ostensibly from a 1955 edition of a magazine called “Housekeeping Monthly”. If you poke around the web long enough, you’ll find enough sites that claim it’s a total hoax. Might be, but in the run-up to Valentine’s Day (next week, guys — don’t panic ’til Monday night), we thought this might generate a smile or two on this winter Friday.

And, as inevitably happens on the Internet, some clever woman named Yvonne compiled her own version of the “Good Wife’s Guide”, which is probably a little more realistic, a little more helpful and ultimately a little funnier.