Friday Follies: Everybody Outta The Pool!

By February 24, 2006Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgOK, this is what happens when you ask people to send you stuff for Friday Follies. Actually, about 90% of the stuff we get from people for Friday Follies we can’t post. About 10% just isn’t funny (and you know for us that’s a low bar) and the other 80% is R-rated or worse. Some of that stuff is damned funny, but you’ll never see it on the blog.

So this is one of those that flirted with good taste. As the person who submitted it said in their e-mail to us, you know pretty soon into this short video where it’s headed, but it’s still funny to watch it play out, and to see the reaction from the others around the pool. Warning: It’s not exactly G-rated, might be just a tiny bit in bad taste. If you’re easily offended, don’t watch. But hey — if you’re easily offended, you wouldn’t be reading this blog in the first place, right?

So here it is, this week’s Friday Follies, your end of the week pick-me-up. Click here to view this minute and a half video.

And — everybody outta the pool!