Friday Follies Bonus: The Graying Florida Squirrel

By February 10, 2006Miscellaneous

fridayfollies.jpgEarlier this week there was news of a discovery of dozens of previously unreported plants and animals found in New Guinea. These included butterflies, frogs and birds. Among the latter was the “six-wired bird of paradise.” Wow, hadn’t seen one of those in years, although growing up in New Jersey, they were a dime a dozen.

But we digress. Less well covered was the sighting of a Florida gray squirrel. We all have read much about the graying of the population, the aging of the population. Well, that includes the squirrel population as well. Thanks to some expert and sharp-eyed and capable wildlife photographers, we are able to bring you this rare photo of a gray — or at least graying — Florida squirrel. Thanks to our friend Nick Danger for combing the wilds of Palm Beach and Port Saint Lucie to find this rare breed.