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By February 2, 2006Trade

Ok, there is no such thing as a free lunch, but there is such a thing as free legal advice. (No this is not one of my lawyer jokes – this is legit!). NAM, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the American Bar Association, and the American Chamber of Commerce in China, have come up with a winner – a program to offer one hour of free legal advice for small and mid-sized U.S. businesses concerned about protecting their intellectual property rights (IPR) in China.

Concerned about protecting your patents trademarks or copyrights in China? Click here to request your free China IPR legal consultation!

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  • John says:

    FYI – came across this release for Changzhou. Looks like LFIS – LFI Solutions – is a good resources on this area too.


    New Tax Breaks, Stronger Patent & Intellectual Property Protection, Lowered Manufacturing Costs, Technically-Skilled Labor, Favorable Regulations, Higher Profit-Margins, Domestic Market Access, Export Resources

    New York, NY and Changzhou, Peoples Republic of China, November 17, 2005 — The Changzhou National High-Tech District (CND), is a leading industrial zone whose operating and other costs are about half those of Shanghai, which is the most economically developed locale in China. Much more competitive than other zones in China and Asia, the CND has launched a program to attract further U.S. and other foreign investment. Information Technology, Other Computer and Electronic Manufacturing are CND pillar industries earmarked for additional growth. (See below for visitation arrangements for journalists and business executives.)

    Software and Hardware technology and products, electronic components and equipment, including sensors, pressure-sensitive chip resistors, wireless and landline equipment, cables, IC boards, photoelectronics, micropower relays, other components and instruments are among the many capabilities in the zone. There also are many R&D centers.

    About 3,000 foreign enterprises engaged in a variety of industries for domestic consumption as well as export are presently in the CND, including Ashland Chemical, GE, Texas Instruments, Bosch, Toshiba, and a number of mid-size companies. Mr. Zhu Yanning, Director of the Foreign Investment Bureau, said the CND is introducing additional incentives, including even lower manufacturing costs, inexpensive land and power, preferential tax treatment(e.g. no taxes for 3 years), atop an already broad investment incentive base, to make Changzhou extremely desirable for foreign manufacturers. Mr. Yang Pingping, CND?s Chief Administrative Director, said ?The principal attractions to American companies are the access to the world?s largest market and higher profit margins, even contrasted with competitive, better-known tech industrial zones.?

    Changzhou?s population of 3.5 million people includes more than 200,000 experienced scientists, engineers, and technical and vocational specialists. There are over 13 colleges and scientific research institutions, 5 vocational schools, and more than 700 training centers, emphasized Mr. Dong Qiang, Deputy Administrative Director of CND.
    ? For business development, investment, and visitation inquiries contact Ms. Lora Feng, CND?s U.S. Business Development Director, at 609-897-0738 or

    * Press Contact: Mark Leeds, LCA/Precision PR 718-464-7301 or 212-961-9153, or
    * For additional information about the Changzhou district: