‘Expect More’ From Your Government

By February 7, 2006General

Timed with the release of the President’s budget yesterday, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) rolled out a new initiative called “Expect More“. It will shake official Washington to its very foundation in that it endeavors to apply some good old-fashioned management principles to hundreds of government programs. It separates the programs into two categories, those that are performing well (e.g., the Census Bureau’s Economic Census) and those that are not performing (e.g., Amtrak). Each category is then broken down into a few sub-categories, gauging each program’s level of performance or non-performance. For those not performing, they list steps they are taking to improve the program’s performance. Folks, this is revolutionary stuff. Check it out — it makes for some interesting reading. And, it’s only right that they unveiled this on Ronald Reagan’s birthday, as the Gipper was a stalwart when it came to accountability in government.

In any event, this is a great initiative and one we applaud. You can bet there are bureaucrats all over town lighting candles and praying that this is a trend that doesn’t catch on. Applying management principles to government?!? Next thing you know, they’ll be expecting a balanced budget….