Engine of Growth

By February 17, 2006Taking It for Granted

Blog-Icon-MI.jpgManufacturing is one of the primary engines of wealth generation in America. That’s something that many people take for granted in this country, but abroad, manufacturing’s strong role in growing economies is appreciated and cultivated.

On February 23, The Manufacturing Institute and NAM will roll out a new publication about manufacturing and the economy. You’ll learn that manufacturing pumps out $1.4 TRILLION in annual output, employs more than 14 million American men and women and accounts for 12 percent of Gross Domestic Product. From 2002-2004, manufacturing contributed 15 percent to US economic growth, more than any other sector. That’s right–more than any other sector. As NAM president John Engler points out, the US economy is still very much a “manufacturing economy.” Be sure to tune into the Shop Floor blog on February 23 and we will have a direct link to our new report.