Do Your Representatives Really Support Manufacturing? Find Out Here!

By February 21, 2006General

The beauty of living and working in Washington is that you seldom hear a discouraging word. That is, if you spend time on Capitol Hill visiting with members of Congress, to a person when you talk to them about our issues, they will tell you that they support manufacturing. Yessirree, they will tell you, they are huge supporters of all things manufacturing.

As one such manifestation of this love, a bunch of them got together in the last Congress and formed the Congressional Manufacturing Caucus, for which we were quite grateful. After all, anything that brings attention to manufacturing and our importance to the economy and to the world is a good thing. But then we started wondering about whether these folks were really friends after all. We went and checked their NAM vote rating — their report card on votes of importance to manufacturers as decided by manufacturers (not by staff) on issues like taxes, regulatory costs, legal reform, etc. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that fully one-third of the Congressional Manufacturing Caucus had an NAM vote rating of 10% or less. Ouch.

We have just this past week put out our unofficial mid-term vote ratings for the 109th Congress. You can click here to see the vote rating for the entire Congress, or click here to search by zip code for your own member of Congress and Senators. Once you’ve done that, click here to drop a note to your member of Congress and Senators to either thank them or to tell them they need to work harder to back up their rhetoric with their votes. For example, there are 34 Senators and 180 House members below 50%, some from major manufacturing areas. That ain’t great. One or more of them might be your Representative or Senator.

It’s easy to talk the talk, but this gives you an opportunity to see who’s walking the walk, helping to make sure we can stay as competitive as we need to be to compete in this global economy. Check ’em out, thank ’em or hold their feet to the fire.