Cool Stuff Being Made: The Heat is On

heattreat.jpgThis week’s video comes to us courtesy of our friends over at the Metal Treating Institute and shows the process of heat treating. “What is heat treating?”, you say. Well, we’re glad you asked. It’s the process of treating metals in order to strengthen them for other uses.

You will see on this 18-minute video the many things that we use every day that are heat treated. As they say, heat treating puts the spring in springs. It also strengthens the metal used in axes, knives, saws, aircraft landing gears, jet engines, space ship launchers, computers, agricultural implements and oil drilling and refining equipment, to name just some. There’s also a scene toward the end that shows how many everyday things are heat treated. You see from one of the scenes the difference between a drill bit that is heat treated and one that is not. The former works while the latter fails.

In any event, the narration and music is kinda retro and cool, the video is fascinating, showing us once again how manufacturing — and the manufacturing process — touches every aspect of our everyday lives.

Click here to watch the video and feel the manufacturing vibe.

By the way, if you have a video of your product being made that you’d like to share with the blogosphere, just drop us an e-mail and we’ll work it into the rotation on some future Saturday.