Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers

By February 7, 2006General

Sorry we’re a day or more tardy with this, but we were up late watching the game and its aftermath, then our dog ate our homework. Better late than never.

But we did want to say congratulations to the World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, a great team from a great manufacturing town. From the logo on their helmets to their work ethic, they epitomize the best in manufacturing. Anyone who saw the trick play/pass from Antwan Randle-El to Hines Ward would appreciate the innovation that manufacturers employ every day. And, we all appreciate the contribution of Jerome “The Bus” Bettis, just like a solid manufacturer, grinding it out every day, running straight ahead, sometimes in the face of incredible odds. They beat a great team in the Seattle Seahawks to win that great manufactured item, the Lombardi Trophy, but we wanted to say on behalf of all our members large and small who were rooting for the black and gold on Sunday, our hats are off to you, you did us all proud.

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