Coming Soon! Report from America: The Copper Club of New York

By February 17, 2006General

The Blogger-in-Chief is traveling for most of today, so he dispatched a scribe on mule to deliver a message that later on today he’ll provide a full report on last night’s “Copper Man of the Year” DInner in New York.

We heard Pat was going because he would finally get to meet his idol, the Man of the Year himself, George Hamilton. But, actually, the man of year is really somebody far more impressive, his name is Brian O’Shaughnessy, the CEO of Revere Copper, a huge fan of manufacturing and an NAM member.

We’ll write more later today.

Also, be sure to tune in this week for for our usual Cool Stuff Being Made video, some thoughts on Kyoto, our voting records and Lou Dobbs.