Asbestos: Time for Action

By February 7, 2006General

The Senate will be working on the FAIR Act this week, hoping to set up a fund for compensating asbestos victims. We support it. We still cling to the antiquated (in Washington) notion that sick people should be compensated before healthy people or trial lawyers. We’re old-fashioned like that.

Here’s a link to a good point/counter-point by our friends over at, featuring our own Mike Baroody (with the better argument, as you’ll see).

Also, did you know a few years back there was a verdict in the then-judicial hellhole of Mississippi (much improved under Gov. Barbour), where 6 plaintiffs won a $150 million asbestos judgment? Their lawyer boasted after the verdict that not one of them had ever missed a day of work in their lives. Does this seem fair to you? Us either.

Drop a note to your Senators and tell them to support the FAIR Act. Here’s a copy of the letter we dropped yesterday to every Senate office, letting them know that a vote on the FAIR Act would be considered a Key Manufacturing Vote for purposes of evaluating their manufacturring vote rating at the end of tis Congress.