Asbestos: A Red Herring Point of Order

By February 14, 2006General

The slow road to justice for people suffering from asbestos exposure just got a little slower, as the Senate today must get by a budgetary point of order that has been introduced with the aim of slowing down or killing the bill. It is hard to understand how there could be a budgetary point of order — even under the arcane rules of the US Senate — when there are absolutely zero implications for the federal budget in this bill. The bill, as you know, will set up a trust fund consisting of contributions from companies. If for some reason the trust fund — now proposed at $140 billion — ever ran out of money, these cases would revert to the court system.

This has nothing to do with the federal budget and absolutely everything to do with slowing down the train. Please contact your Senators and urge them not to be fooled by this adventure into Senate arcana but to stay the course and to make sure sick people get compensated before the healthy folks and the trial bar.