What Irks Them Most?

By January 11, 2006Judicial Nominations

We asked the clerks what irks them most, what of all they’ve seen and heard said about Judge Alito would they want to correct, would they want to set the record straight? Their answers:

Keith: The smear tactics related to the CAP issue. It’s a disgraceful tactic. Reminds me of the fascist slogan: it’s easier to tell a big lie than a small lie

Jeff: The Vanguard issue. He is the most ethical judge that most judges, lawyers know. To attack his integrity is appalling.

David: Vanguard. Sen. Schumer says we want him to answer questions. I think he’s been very forthright. The problem is that the Senators are giving speeches, not asking questions. The Senators are playing to their constituencies rather than getting to know this judge, who has impeccable integrity.