Welcome Neil Trautwein!

By January 28, 2006General

As you may have noticed, along with Bill Canis from the Manufacturing Institute and NAM economist laureate Dave Huether, we’ve added Neil Trautwein as a blogger on health care issues.

Neil is more or less the franchise when it comes to health care. He is a health care policy expert known the (health care) world over for his excellent periodic e-mails on the topic. They are always entertaining and glib and tremendously informative. Among health care circles, you hear people talk about Neil’s legendary, Pulitzer-quality e-mail missives. He backs them up with enormous know-how and is by day a first-rate health care lobbyist. That is, he makes the rounds on Capitol Hill and the Administration, educating policy makers on how health care issues impact manufacturers.

He’s the gold standard and we finally coaxed him into allowing us to blog-ify his e-mails. You’ll see the first ones posted below. More will follow, as will the enormous traffic that Neil always brings. We hope you’ll check back and read them, so you can be informed as everyone else who depends on Neil to know what’s going on in health care.