Wacky Warning Label Winner Chosen

By January 6, 2006Briefly Legal

Thanks again to the good folks at M-Law, who work on all aspects of much-needed legal reform in this country. M-Law is also the group that brings us the annual “Wacky Warning Label” contest, and they have just announced their winners for 2005. Unfortunately, there were many entrants, all with warning labels to ward off liability. of course, in many cases, the labels are added precisely because they were actually sued for the particular misuse that was the subject of the wacky warning.

In any event, this year’s winner is a warning label on a heat gun used for removing paint and capable of reaching temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. For you novices out there, that’s really hot. And what did the warning label on the heat gun say?

Do Not Use This Tool As A Hair Dryer

As we said, there were plenty of other entrants, including a cocktail napkin with a map of the waterways around Hilton Head, SC, which boasted the warning, “Caution: Not To Be Used for Navigation”. Forget that it’s a cocktail napkin and you’d only see if it you were drinking. They’ll probably add another warning to cover that next year.

In any event, these are all very funny, and you can see plenty of others on their site, but unfortunately for too many manufacturers, it is also all too real, as we deal with the real life — and very un-funny — implications of a legal system run amok.