Two More Senators Heed the Constitution

By January 27, 2006Judicial Nominations

Two more Democrat Senators — Robert Byrd (WV) and Tim Johnson (SD) have announced their support for Judge Alito. Funny — in this Washington Post story, you have to go all the way to the 9th paragraph to find that stunning news. The headline is about how a few Democrats still foolishly — and dangerously — hold out hope of a filibuster.

It’s pretty simple. The Senate’s job is to provide advice and consent, not obstruction. They asked this man over 600 questions over some 18 hours of questioning. The number of Americans who support Judge Alito increased during the hearings. Some of the Senators embarrassed themselves and were seen as being too mean-spirited.

Kudos to Sens. Byrd and Johnson for heeding the Constitution ad understanding their role. As for the rest, we provide this helpful link.

Please write to your two Senators and urge them to support the good Judge, get this thing done. We sent our Key Vote Card up there today, letting every Senator know that the vote on Judge Alito will be considered a Key Manufacturing Vote. Legal reform begins at the top.

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  • Pat Cleary says:

    Judge Alito is a judge who will interpret the law, not make it. That brings certainty, that lessens litigation. Ask any manufacturer: legal reform is a huge issue. It begins at the top. The bulk of his time as a Justice will be spent not on social issues but on issues we care about. We support him — according to stated criteria, available on our site, — and continue to work for his confirmation.

  • SR WILLEN says:

    Alito has the votes – but he’s a bad choice and ought ON PRINCIPLE to be fought down to the wire.

    Here is a nominee who will, in service to his nominator, vote to overturn the system of checks and balances and grant the presidency near dictatorial powers.

    Judge Alito’s ascension to the court threatens, rather than endorses, the Constitution. That is why people of good faith – inlcuding yes, manufacturers – desire a filibuster and, hopefully, the rejection of Judge Alito’s nomination.

  • Pat Cleary says:


    Thanks for the note. When John Engler arrived as President of NAM, he wondered why we weren’t involved in judicial nominations, since Judges will spend the majority of their time on issues of importance to business, not on social issues. Yet these debates are cast in terms of social issues only. And so we empaneled a Judicial Review Committee to review these nominations according to stated an published criteria.

    We have endorse Judge Alito (endorsed Chief Justice Roberts, too) and thus will be advocates for his confirmation. We praise those who support him as part of that, as you’ll see.

    Thanks again for writing.

  • Jeff says:

    I found this blog post through Google News. Pat, I’m surprised at the bias of this post, as the National Association of Manufacturers doesn’t seem like it would be a political organization.