Thoughts on the Sweeney Speech

By January 19, 2006Labor Unions

You’ll see below a first-hand account from the Blogger’s Apprentice, who covered the speech live yesterday. We only read it on line — here it is. It appears to be an old speech that he’s re-heated any number of times. It is predictably and typically gloomy, painting a bleak picture of America. Big shocker there.

He calls for more organizing, ignoring the fact that he has essentially de-funded the Organizing Institute, about the only thing they had going for them. He also totally ignored the elephant in the room, the schism of his membership, the hemorrhaging of money, the mass layoff of staff. He still stood up there, arfed his mighty arf and walked slowly away into the shadows for another year.

Wake us up when Andy Stern speaks to the Press Club. Maybe he’ll have something to say.