They’re Baaaaaaaaack………….

By January 27, 2006Friday Follies

Friday FolliesFaithful blog readers will recall a piece we posted way back in early December entitled, “The Case for Censorship in China“. In it, two Chinese kids lip=-synch the Backstreet Boys tune, “I Want it That Way”. Well, it appears that the “Dormitory Boys” have a new hit on their hands, from the same lame source.

Here’s another video, this time with our heroes singing “As Long As You Love Me.” Once again, the guy in the back — although in matching outfit — never turns around, remains impervious to the embarrassment that fills the room.

Click here to watch it. Click here for the lyrics, in case you want to sing along. Once again, making the case for wholesale censorship in China.

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  • LLoyd says:

    Hi Pat
    Just found you off of Powerline. Great job at trying to keep Comrade Dobbs in line. There are some of these MSM peeps that just believe they are ‘gods’ to the news. I got free of their ‘mis-statements’ about 16 years ago. I’m strickly a web guy who does a lot of research to get the facts right.

    I haven’t read you long enough to understand your humor but it sounds to me like you are serious about the Chinese BSBoys. I saw this vid a number of months ago and I thought it was hilariously funny. I think they did a pretty good job at lampooning the group. Also saw some of the other vids they did against others who have tried the same thing whom I think were no where as good as the Dorm Boys are. If I undertand you correctly, sorry you felt repeled by them. But then again thats what America is all about:opinion.
    I am with you on your Dobbs-atribe:-)