The Week Ahead: The State of the Union

By January 30, 2006General

On Tuesday night, the President will deliver his annual State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress. We hope he will touch on our priorities: energy, legal reform and passing the asbestos bill, trade, and innovation and the need fora skilled workforce.

We will be participating in a sort of blogging marathon that day. We have been invited along with a number of other bloggers to a “blog row” (like we’ve done in the past with you) taking place Tuesday afternoon through the State of the Union and beyond. If we have the intestinal fortitude to make it we will, will keep you posted and invite your questions. A number of Members of Congress are committed to stop by and visit with us, and there will be a talk radio row going on simultaneously, so it’ll be a regular media frenzy. We’ll be blogging live from there, keeping you apprised of the various developments and will be posting a reaction to the President’s speech as well as getting some reaction from the Members of Congress who stop by. We have said many times before in this space that the beauty of blogging is that there’s no filter. You will get what folks are saying, bereft of our own filter or bias. We will ask the questions, will ask your questions that you send in, and will let you know what they say. That’s how we see our role, i.e., bringing democracy closer to you.

Hope you’ll tune in and join us on Tuesday, should begin any time after about 2 p.m. EST.