The Week Ahead: Alito Nomination Inches Toward a Final Vote

By January 30, 2006Judicial Nominations

This is going to be a very busy week, lots going on. First and foremost, the Alito nomination — longer in gestation because of blatant partisanship run amok than just about any other Supreme Court nomination in recent years — will be on the floor of the Senate. Even though he has far more than the 51 out of of the 100 Senate votes he needs to get confirmed, expect mischief.

A few points: First, America really doesn’t understand why 50% + 1 vote doesn’t get you a victory. Probably not a good idea for the Senate to be calling attention to this little rule of theirs. See, to break a filibuster or to invoke cloture, meaning to force something to a vote — you need 60 votes. That’s why a minority of 40 — of either party — can frustrate the will of the majority. Do you have this rule where you work?

Didn’t think so.

Second, it’s clear among the few Democrats who who are pushing the idea of a filibuster and who also appear to be running for President in 2008 (this is probably coincidental) the the idea is dead on arrival and will be summarily unsuccessful. But no matter. Here’s this from a San Jose Merc article on this whole imbroglio:

The threat of a filibuster emerged late last week after liberal activists accused Democratic senators of failing to vigorously oppose Alito’s ascension to the Supreme Court. After Sen. Kerry began the effort, several liberal groups mounted a campaign by Internet, telephone and fax to persuade other senators to follow suit.”

Welcome to democracy. Judge Alito is going to be confirmed. We will as a result have more certainty on the bench. That will give us less litigation at some point, a trend we desperately need to begin. Legal reform, an issue on the top of the minds of every manfaucturer, begins at the top.

Drop your Senators a note and tell them to confirm Judge Altio.

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  • Nod says:

    Don, take you fingers off the keyboard and step away from the PC. Relax Don. Too many left-wing blogs sessions have rendered you moot, to the point of blasphemic idolatry. All of America is not a Corporation Don and all of the Corporation are not lies. Not everyone is out to get you Don, but it sure would be nice if balance returned to your being, if but for those rare moments when you decide to post something.

  • don says:

    Can someone explain why it’s ok to fight against “activist judges” from the left, but not from the right?

    If you would agree that sudden and drastic changes in leadership and direction are bad for our economy and ultimately our country, then why isn’t there a requirement that any person who will be appointed to a lifetime position, such as a supreme court justice, who is supposed to be part of the checks and balances on the power structure within this country, isn’t required to be acceptable to a 2/3 majority?

    Could we ever get there? Probably not, as long as our representatives are busy representing single issues, PACs and the corporations that pay for the lies that get them into office. This country is in serious trouble. The bridge is out ahead, but people don’t see it because their TV’s are getting in their way!