The Week Ahead

By January 23, 2006General

Things are beginning to heat up in earnest for 2006, and there will be some busy stuff on the blog this week that reflects it. Among the highlights:

— On Wednesday, NAM President John Engler will testify on lobbying reform before the Senate Governmental Affairs Subcommittee, Chaired by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME). We’ll be writing on that this week.

— We will be pushing to make sure Judge Alito gets voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee this week and hopefully confirmed by the full Senate.

— Frank Vargo will post the first of his promised monthly updates on the Doha round, as they prepare for the “mini-ministerial” in Davos, Switzerland this week.

— On Thursday, we’ve been invited to a roundtable discussion about blogs hosted by Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center for Journalism. We’ll do a full de-brief on that as well.

Also, we’ll have the usual rants, maybe a Wednesday Poster, most certainly Friday Follies and a Saturday video. Do check back, or just click on the RSS tag over on the right to sign up for an RSS feed, so it’ll get delivered to your doorstep each day.

Stay tuned.