The State of the Unions

By January 15, 2006Labor Unions

Earlier this week, NAM labor lobbyist Chris Tampio was interviewed on Justice Talking radio about “The State of the Unions.” He was opposit Sharon Pinnock, of the American Federation of Government Employees.

If you’re looking for some good facts on why labor unions in this country are shrinking, then you’ll want to listen to this interview. Chris more than held his own by batting down such silly notions that cheap labor overseas is the reason why there should be an international labor movement to combat the exodus of American jobs.

Instead, as Chris noted, (and we have repeated many times in this space) its not the labor costs that are hurting manufacturers, its the Government which puts us at a 22% cost disadvantage. That, when you add up things like regulation, taxation, health care and energy it makes it difficult to compete. Well said, Chris.

Here’s a link to listen to the streaming media version. Or take the interview “to go” with the PodCast version by clicking here.

Oh, be sure to tune in Wednesday for our re-cap of John Sweeney’s speech at the National Press Club…we know he won’t dissapoint.