The NAM Takes to the Airwaves, v. 29

By January 8, 2006General

weekly radio showIt’s 2006 and the NAM Radio Show — “Manufacturing America’s Future“– continues strong as ever. Don’t forget to tune in this week to hear an economist from the US Department of Agriculture opine on the impact of high energy costs on food prices and the American Tort Reform Association President Tiger Joyce on their new “Judicial Hellholes” report. It’s a doozy. There’s also a “Factory Floor” segment, with an interview of the manufacturer of the Times Square New Year’s Eve crystal ball (the one that drops….). Finally, since it was a slow news week, there’s even an interview with the blogger-in-chief about — what else? — the glories of blogging. That one’s sure to put even the liveliest among you into deep sleep.

Of course, there also music from Mel Torme, the Beatles, Warren Zevon, so tune in and don’t miss it.

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