The Heating Bills Arrive…..

By January 18, 2006Energy

There is no comfort in being able to say we told you so, but in spite of the brief burst of balmy weather, as this AP story reports, December was the coldest in Chicago in 63 years. Those bills are just starting to hit mailboxes, according to this account by Josef Hebert. And, the problem isn’t oil, as only 9% of homes are heated by oil. The big culprit, says Hebert, is natural gas. Remember that we have 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the Outer Continental Shelf — 85% of it subject to a federal moratorium. And so we pay the highest natural gas prices in the world.

“We’re heading into the really bad part of the winter,” a representative from a group that assists the poor is quoted as saying, “and I’m terrified for the elders and the children and the disabled who have already exhausted their (energy assistance) benefits.”

We are paying the price for 30 years of bad decisions on energy policy. If you’re having trouble paying your heating bills — especially if you’re that 91% paying for natural gas — thank an environmentalist. And please send a note to your Senators and Member of Congress and tell them to do something about it, like open the domestic supply of natural gas. It’s supply and demand, gang, It’s that simple.