The Checks and Balances Fig Leaf

By January 20, 2006Judicial Nominations

OK, here’s a quiz: How many Democrat Senators can hide behind one fig leaf? the answer is at least three — in one day, that is. Thursday, the big shockeroo (not) was that Sen. Leahy (D-VT), ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, announced his opposition to Judge Alito’s nomination. Word was back when that he was ready to oppose John Roberts, too, but once Minority Leader Reid (D-NV) beat him to the punch and opposed Roberts — thereby breaking with Senate decorum, by not deferring to the relevant Committee chair — he changed his mind. Well, Sen. Reid played by the rules this time and so Leahy opposed Alito. it’s important to note that he did so before a crowd of folks at Georgetown University Law School. Jeez, almost sounds like theater, doesn’t it? In any event, the reason he cited was his concern over checks and balances, specifically that Judge Alito wouldn’t be enough of a check on Presidential power. Right.

As it turns out, this was the same theme sounded by Sen. Kennedy (D-MA) and later today by Sen. Salazar (D-CO), who said he’d be open-minded but apparently became way too anxious about this whole checks and balances thing to support Judge Alito. Starting to sound like the party line, no?

So after the endless questioning about ethics, the Concerned Alumni of Princeton and yes, abortion, they decide they just can’t support him because of checks and balances? Don’t get us wrong — this is a big issue, but it’s one that really hasn’t resonated until now. Must’ve come up in somebody’s polling. What’s next, riparian rights?

At the moment, it seems like an intellectual fig leaf for them all to hide behind so they can check the box marked “opposition” and curry favor with their far-left constituents. Truth is, Judge Alito is an accomplished jurist and one who will make an outstanding Supreme Court Justice.

We hope you’ll drop a note to your Senators, urge them to support him, and urge them to get this thing to a quick up-or-down vote.

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