The Alito Hearings: What’s Good for the Ginsburg, v.2

By January 12, 2006Judicial Nominations

Way back when, during the Roberts hearings (seems like a lifetime ago now), we ran a piece called, “What’s Good for the Ginsburg“, comparing Roberts’ hearings to those of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one-time General Counsel for the ACLU and Clinton nominee. We pointed out that Ginsburg had 17 hours of hearings and 216 questions as compared to 22 hours of hearings for Roberts and a whopping 510 questions.

Well, in light of the pace of the Alito hearings, it’s time to bring out the Ginsburg yardstick again. While Alito is fast approaching her 17 hours, he has far surpassed her in questions. He has — in only the first two days — received a whopping 620 questions.

The disparity really is striking. There is simply no justification for it. Please drop a note to your Senators and tell them to support Judge Alito and to move his nomination to a swift up-or-down vote.