Thanks to Our Guest Bloggers

By January 8, 2006General

Just wanted to take a moment here before we begin the new week to thank Peggy Ireland for her terrific reports from the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past week. They were great and we got lots of great comments and feedback on her posts. Also want to thank one of our new permanent bloggers, the NAM Economist Laureate Dave Huether. He posted his first entry on Friday but there will be more to follow. We will file them all under “The Economy” category so they’ll be easy to find in one place. Also, when he makes predictions, we’ll be able to go back and see just how accurate he was. Truth is, he’s been pretty darned accurate thus far. Bill Canis of our Manufacturing Institute will join Dave Huether soon, and we expect the Blogger’s Apprentice to make it back form Down Under some time before the end of 2005, and he’ll join the fray as well. Finally, as we noted earlier, Frank Vargo’s posts from Hong Kong during the WTO meeting were so popular that we’ve decided to make that a permanent gig as well, with monthly updates from Frank on the Doha round.

Our little blog is growing into a real blog, thanks to both of you loyal readers and thanks to the good work of folks like Frank Vargo, Peggy Ireland, Dave Huether and, of course, Dave Kralik, for making it all happen.