Senator Clinton’s Health Care Speech

By January 25, 2006Health Care

In one respect, Sen. Clinton never abandoned health care, even with all her self-described scars. But, it is interesting to us armchair observers of the political process to watch as she has emerged as a leading spokesperson for her party on this issue. A cynical (though plausible) view would be that she is engaged in political inoculation intended to minimize her scars (from her husband’s failed health care fight) in preparation for campaigns of “national scope.” I include a link to her recent speech to the Rochester Health Care Forum.

Her mix of reason, rationale and raw invective is eye-opening. And it’s not all bad: her points on the role of incentives in health care, Health IT and the importance of preventative health care might as well have come from our own playbook. She touts the VA Healthcare System a bit too strongly; they’ve done many things right with electronic records (shining in contrast during Katrina) but are saddled with a legacy computer system that will ultimately dim their luster. She is absolutely and wrongly death on consumerism – wrongly and highly partisanly dinging the President for that and the new Medicare drug coverage. She also takes broad swipes at AHPs…ignoring Sen. Enzi’s bipartisan effort to find a safe way to bridge the longstanding differences. Sen. Clinton is anything but dull when it comes to health care … welcome back to the fray.